Easter Egg Rocks + Chalks


Okay so we have quite a ways until Easter but don’t judge me.  I am oddly obsessed with all games and toys that are related to eggs.  Opening/closing egg toys are my favorite for babies because they teach them how to use both hands together in a coordinated way AND they usually have some sort of visual matching component too.  

Anyways, I digress. 

You guys, this activity was SO easy to set up, or should I say there was really no set up, and the kids LOVED IT. I am not kidding when I say they have been playing it non-stop all weekend.  So if you’re feeling the weekend toddler crazies and trying to prevent your house from being turned upside down before nap time, run to Easter Eggs Rocks + Chalks quick! 


All you need is 4 things:

  • Chalk of any kind
  • Old egg carton
  • Rocks
  • Easter baskets (optional) 

This activity is definitely chalk full of skill building but honestly, we were just trying to have a little fun and kill time before dinner. 

Heres how to play: 

  1. Color the rocks all your favorite colors
  2. Put them in the carton
  3. Have the kids count the rocks
  4. Talk about your favorite colors together
  5. Hide the rocks all over your house or backyard
  6. Take turns hiding the eggs (the kids especially loved getting to hide them for me and watching me try to find them) 
  7. Practice math skills when trying to determine how many eggs are still missing

Here’s a few skills we worked on: 

  • Bilateral integration skills (Using one hand to stabilize the rock while the other dominant hand colors)
  • Tripod grasping skills (using three fingers to hold the chalk with an open web space in the web space)
  • Counting
  • Simple subtraction
  • Parent interaction