My Favorite Non-Toxic Lunchbox Gear for Fall

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Well mama’s, believe it or not, fall is just around the corner, which means school will be staring in just a few short weeks! So use up those last few sweet summer days doing something FUN with your little ones. Whether you just lay around all day and actually spend some quality time with them reading or playing or decide to take a fun outdoor adventure with them, make these summer days count.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of staying home with the kids all summer, but not if you set your mind to actually ENJOYING this time with your kids. Every day is a gift with your kids. Say it. Repeat it. Every day.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve got a little one starting school for the first time next year (insert many tears here) so I’ve been scouring the internet researching to find the most durable and non-toxic lunchboxes on the market. And since I wouldn’t keep all of this information from you all, I of course had to share with you what I came up with!

In terms of durability and non-toxic materials, I truly feel that stainless steel lunchboxes are the absolute BEST bet. They are dishwasher friendly, last forever and a day and definitely not going to seep out any toxic chemicals onto your kiddos food when you wash them. Definitely not going to break a few weeks into the school year, like some of the other plastic lunchboxes I’ve used in the past. Nope, not these two.

And you can’t beat that these toxin-free, stainless steel lunchboxes are eco-friendly! Good for beautiful mother earth and good for your bank account too, since you likely won’t have to buy a new one next year because of how durable and high quality they are.

Another requirement I have with lunchboxes is space and compartments. Lots of compartments and lots of space for different food varieties for my little guy and gal. I picked one slightly smaller one and one larger option, depending on the quantity of food I’ll be packing for my little on that given day. Both of the options have enough space for a very decent sided lunch!

So without further ado, I present to you my two absolute favorite non-toxic lunchbox picks for the new school year!

Lunchbox Favorite #1: Planetbox Rover

Oh my goodess you guys, I am just in love with this darn lunchbox. Is it weird to be in love with a lunchbox? I’m pretty sure it is but whatever. This lunchbox has it ALL in my book. It has 4 large compartments plus a little area to leave a little something sweet for your cutie. On top of that it comes with so many bonuses! It comes with 1 large stainless steel container for lunches that you’d like to stay warm or be warmed up (pictured above with the noddles) and 1 smaller container for dips and dressings. I just absolutely love it. On top of those wonderful containers, it also comes with the cutest magnets ever for your little to customize their lunchbox to their liking. My little gal chose mermaid magnets to decorate hers. The decorative magnets are removable and they include an area to write your little ones name on it too. They’ve got all sorts of designs to choose from - sharks, rockets, mermaids, animals, dogs, cats, etc.

Yes, it does cost A LOT more than your average lunchbox. But that’s because its basically luxury VIP in comparison to all other lunchboxes on the market. The only downside is that the shape of the box is rather large and you’ll most likely have to buy one of their cute carrier bags to fit it.

bonus containers make it worth the extra penny

bonus containers make it worth the extra penny

The cutest custom magnets

The cutest custom magnets

Oh, I forgot to mention that Planetbox has a 25% off storewide coupon going on right now until September!

Okay, moving on. Get ready to hear about another tried and truth stainless steel favorite of mine!

Lunchbox Favorite #2: Lunchbots Medium Trio

At the incredible price of just 24.99, the Lunchbots is definitely another one of my stainless steel lunchbox loves. What I love about this one is that even though it is slightly smaller, I can still add more than enough food for my little guy or gal. So to summarize why I love it- its still great quality stainless steel (this is my second year using it and its still going strong), the price is literally incredible and its got more than enough space. I packed my sons lunch in it all last year and never once felt like I needed more room for anything. I also love that you don’t have to buy a special sized lunchbox to fit these Lunchbots, because they will pretty much fit in any standard lunchbox container.

They offer lots of different styles with different numbers of compartment (1 compartment all the way up to 6 compartments and they do have the option of having a cute little colorful topper too, that makes opening and closing a little bit easier on your little. The only trouble I’ve had with it in the past is leaky liquids in between compartments. If you pack dressing or hummus, make sure to put it in a small sealed container, like these leak-proof dip containers.

If you’re worried about leaking, these stainless steel-leakproof containers are an add-on option

This one has 4 compartments, if that’s your thing!

Okay guys, there you have it. My favorite non-toxic lunchboxes for kicking off the new school year. Now I just want to tell you about a few of my favorite snack and lunchbox gear goodies that make mealtime with my little guys just a little more exciting and enticing!

My Favorite Lunchbox Extras

I get asked often where I get these two favorite lunchbox gadgets of mine. I love them so much and here is why.

#1: UpChef’s Bento Sandwhich cutters, Food Picks & Fruit and Veggie Shape Cutters

Okay guys, these have definitely made lunchpacking a whole heck of a lot more fun AND these fun food picks and sandwich cutters have enticed my little’s to try out so many fruits, veggies and new foods I would have never thought they would.

These food picks are so great for sensory food play with kids who are hesitant to touch or try new foods. I use them all the time, mostly because they’re so darn cute. But if you’ve got a child with sensory needs or if he/she is hesitant to try new foods, these food picks are going to be your new BFFs.

#2: Reusable Colorful Silicone Cupcake Liners for Dividing Foods

I absolutely adore these reusable silicon cupcake liners. They make packing lunch more fun and make the perfect lunchbox divider. They are also great for baking muffins and you’ll never have to buy paper muffin tins again!

Happy lunchboxing mama!