Finger Marble Maze

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This little Finger Marble Maze has been with me since I began practicing OT and it never lets me down!  The children use their fingers to pinch the marble from one side of the maze to the other side.  The idea of this activity is to encourage an appropriate pencil grip.  

All you need to make this Finger Marble Maze is: 

  1. two blue pieces of felt
  2. brightly colored thread
  3. a sewing machine
  4. 1 marble
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Here is all the different skills this maze addresses.

  • Encourages an appropriate Triopd Grasp by strengthening the three fingers involved (thumb, index and middle finger)
  • Strengthens the muscle of the thumb (thenar eminence) for better prehension skills
  • Finger Isolation (sometimes the child uses the index or thumb to push it through vs pinch)
  • Bilateral coordination (using both hands together in a coordinated way)
  • Crossing midline which helps to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain
  • Visual tracking skills
  • Attention
  • Task Perseverance


Colors of Fall Mason Jars


Fall may not be changing the weather around here in Florida but it is definitely apparent in the colors of the leaves!

We made these super cute and easy Fall Colors Mason Jars quite by accident and they turned out so perfect! We found lots of different colored seeds from the palm trees in our neighborhood (not sure what they're called?)

Anyway, all you need for this little craft is some time to go outside with your kiddos, a keen eye for color and some sort of glass container to display these beauties.  

I love simple activities that involve getting kids in nature.  

You can work on color discrimination and counting as a bonus learning activity. 

1. Color discrimination: A quick game of I-Spy will do the trick.  Or just a simple verbal cue to say "let's find all the yellow leaves." 

2. Counting: When you return home from your foraging, say "Let's see how many yellow things we have" or "How many leaves."  First line them up, and then count them together.   

Enjoy! Happy October 😀