My Story 


It all started when...

Thanks for taking time to hear my story! 

I am a pediatric OT based in Miami Florida but I am most importantly a wife and a mother of two amazing kids that hold my heart.  I hold Master's degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Florida. I specialize in normal and delayed childhood development, fine motor skills, handwriting, picky eating/food aversions, childhood nutrition, sensory processing and autism spectrum disorders.

Though I consider myself a pediatric therapist through and through, ironically when I decided on OT as a career path in college, I chose it because I wanted to work with the elderly.  God had his own plans because after being placed in my first rotation in pediatrics I haven't looked back!  I have worked in every pediatric setting you could imagine and love them all in different ways. Pre-schools, High Schools, Day Care Centers, Inpatient, Outpatient, Sensory Gyms, you name it!  I began my career in New York City and since I had my children I have been practicing in Florida.  

I love how occupational therapy overflows into so many areas of my life, especially motherhood.  Oh, how becoming a mother affected my practice!  It gave me a totally new and profound perspective on treating my children in the clinic.  But I guess it's also true to say that being a therapist affects the way I mother my children.  I try to tame down the therapist in me and just be a mom but all you other therapist out there know that's hard to do! 

I have a HUGE passion for wellness and I love to cook and share healthy kid-friendly recipes.

I have a background in sensory related pediatric feeding issues and I LOVE to help families ditch picky eating habits to the curb! You can find lots of tips and tricks for ditching picky eating on my blog under the childhood nutrition tab! My biggest joy is to help other mothers get to the other side of the rainbow when it comes to helping their picky eaters enjoy new and healthy foods.

I am also wildly passionate about advocating for more play and increased recess time in the school system. I believe many childhood disorders that I treat in the clinic (like ADHD and sensory processing disorders, just to name a few) stem from both nutritional factors and a lack of opportunities for play, physical activity, social and emotional practice and sensory integration.

Being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me.  It has changed me from the inside out in the best way and I learn new things from my kids about life and about myself every day.  Of course its the hardest thing I have ever done but it is the BEST and most important job I have ever had.  

Never let anyone underestimate the significance of your role as a mother because nothing is more important than shaping your children's hearts!

With lots of love,