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Occupational Therapists help people to regain their independence within their own unique "occupations" whatever they may be.  Our profession prides itself on looking at the entire person and being able to ask our clients what is most important to them.(1)  We work alongside Physical Therapists and Speech Therapists in the world of rehabilitation.  When an injury or illness has occurred, we use a client centered and holistic approach to helping the person regain their independence.  We are skilled at treating the upper extremities and helping to develop fine motor skills in order to achieve functional independence .  Our ultimate goal is to help our patients be as independent as physically and mentally possible within their own environment.  

Pediatric Occupational Therapists work with children to help them achieve developmental motor milestones through their most important occupation, play!

We provide interventions to increase age appropriate developmental skills in the following areas:

  • fine motor skills
  • static control & core stability
  • social skills and appropriate play
  • sensory processing skills (body awareness, self-regulation, attention, auditory processing)
  • self-help skills (activities of daily living including dressing and self-feeding)
  • visual motor skills & handwriting

We work very closely with parents, families, teachers, Speech Therapists and Physical Therapists.  Since we believe environments are vital, we often work within or observe our patient within their own environment (home or classroom.)  







1) *adapted from AOTA.org